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December 21 2013

Takato Yamamoto 4
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December 17 2013

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December 15 2013

Humans vs. Zombies
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December 14 2013

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December 06 2013

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the hershel king
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who doesn't love Merle (despite his racism)?? I can't help it. He's adorable.
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December 05 2013

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▶ Governor kills Hershel - Reactions Compilation (16 reactions)
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December 03 2013

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oh lori, just shut up
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all along the watchtower
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December 02 2013

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November 22 2013

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walking dead, rick's  awakening
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November 17 2013

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Spread & infect "the escape"
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November 16 2013

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i would totally be dale in this situation. and scared to shirgsbhld... to actually do what daryl/rick/lori are doing.nohohohohoway i'm getting out there. i wouldn't even close my eyes
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walking dead- road block. awesomeness
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November 14 2013

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Raaawrrr, Freshhh Meat!
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